The Reel India

India and Indians have been portrayed in various forms in Hollywood films – a few clichéd, a few unusual, others layered and realistic. We take a look at some of the most iconic characters and representations from yesteryear to now   It was an evening ritual. A paunch-ed Bhatiaji would …

Daddy Dearest

Fathers are often seen as guides and mentors who help their children forge their path, and hold a light up for them when starting out. Fathers are often their children’s biggest supporters and stern critics, too. On the occasion of Father’s Day, we look back at some of the legacies created by …

Good Timing

 Time is seen and regarded in vastly different ways across cultures. We look at how Indians view the idea of time and timeliness, and deep-seated norms that influence Indians’ behaviour     What factors drive India’s way of life? What are the everyday influences that motivate people’s behaviour and underlie their decisions, actions and …

Bowled Over

You could take an Indian out of India, but you may not be able to take cricket out of him or her. The sport is literally ingrained in the country’s psyche – with young and old alike engaging with it in their own ways. Here, we take a brief look at the sport’s history and milestones in the subcontinent.

Wonder Women

Throughout India’s history, women have proved that they can step beyond domestic boundaries and forge new trails. In the process, they also have positively impacted society and sowed the seeds for women’s empowerment and progress. We take a look at some such inspiring figures.

Musically Yours

For Sid Sriram, music is not just an art form or even a career – it forms the basis of everything in his life. The Aikya 2018 star talks about his journey thus far, how he stays grounded in the face of colossal success, and what he is planning for the Aikya audience this year