In the world of Global Nomads

Moving across the world and interacting with people from different cultures is no longer a novel experience – it is, in fact, a very normal part of many millennials’ lives. In such a scenario, what are some key pointers for businesses to take note of? Rohini Manian, CEO of Global Adjustments takes you through her global experience.

Beauty Beholden

Iranian Artist Saleh Kazemi came to India in search of the spiritual haven depicted in a novel. He found rich and iconic beauty when he travelled through Goa – which he has captured in his drawings. Something else comes to the fore as well – a deep resonance with the ancient tenets of India’s spiritual tradition, which he has never heard of before.

A Fine Balance

As women make their mark in all spheres, it is imperative that their partners lend them support and strength. Renowned filmmaker Mani Ratnam shares his thoughts with Ranjini Manian on what makes for a good marriage – in both intention and practice. 

Musically Yours

For Sid Sriram, music is not just an art form or even a career – it forms the basis of everything in his life. The Aikya 2018 star talks about his journey thus far, how he stays grounded in the face of colossal success, and what he is planning for the Aikya audience this year

All the World’s His Stage

Theatre and art have no limits, says veteran actor Mohammed Ali Baig. He speaks to us about carrying on his father’s legacy, his mother’s reaction to his being awarded the Padma Shri and the power of theatre to move people beyond language and words

The Reptile Man

Rom Whitaker is already well known as one of India’s foremost herpetologists and founder of the Madras Snake Park and Crocodile Bank. In conversation with Ranjini Manian, he talks about early life and his new passion – the global snakebite initiative

A Career in Craft

One look at Santhosh Babu and all the clichés that popular culture had me believe about Indian bureaucrats were shattered. Dressed in sleek trousers, a formal shirt and a blazer, Santhosh is a gentleman whose only aim at the moment is to increase the demand for artefacts making complete use …