An American in Chennai

When I was a student at the University of Texas in Austin, I had some dear friends from India, including Siby, a first-generation Malayali-American who used to make biryani and throw parties. That was my first point of contact in India. I did not do a lot of research or worry too much before moving to India. I just worked on having a positive attitude and optimism. I got rid of my cumbersome possessions, too, because I wanted to travel light.

Then & Now
Now that I’m here, I guess it is a little bit more realistic and less idealistic, especially after having been on
Indian trains!
Favourite Indian food
I love idli-sambar; it is a great way to start the day!
Celebrating India
I have been a part of many festivals. My family’s favourite is Holi; it resembles Songkran in Thailand. My wife is from Thailand and we lived there for 10 years. Our children were born there too. Having lived in Mumbai during the Ganesh celebrations, we’ve had enough firecrackers!
Travel tales
We have been all over India, because it is a great country for travel and affordable too. We love the Himalayas, and my wife and I went to Sikkim for trekking in April. For New Year’s, we are planning to go to Kerala. We are a Buddhist family, so Bodh Gaya is on our agenda too.
I’m taking home
My Indian chappals.
Incredible India
The best part of India is its people. The people are what make the country so fascinating. Somehow, 1.3 billion people have figured out how to live together, in spite of enormously different languages, customs, cultures, religions, and so on, through a lot of smiling, kindness, sharing of food, talking loudly, and head-shaking!
Home and here
Now with the global economy, life can be pretty similar in India and the United States. Both countries have beautiful mountains and beaches where you can get away from it all. We can find Thai food and Mexican food in both countries! Both countries love sports with bats and balls, but of course it is cricket in India and baseball in the United States.

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