Oneness through music – Aikya in Coimbatore

Closing 2019, Global Adjustments achieved a milestone – taking Aikya, the Chennai fundraiser concert for a cause, to a second city. Aikya enthralled hundreds of esteemed citizens of Coimbatore for the first time. The industrial leaders of Kovai have always inspired us with their hard work combined with gentle humility. Is this a reflection of the city’s tough textile industry with rolling cotton fields? The tough hands that pick the cotton and yet give softness in products? No wonder Coimbatore is known as the ‘Manchester of South India’!

To present Aikya to this sophisticated audience was a privilege. Conceptualised 10 years ago, Aikya, as a concert that brings about ‘oneness through music’, this enchanting show performed by stalwarts has won several thousand hearts over the years. This year, performing for the third time in Aikya was the legendary Padma Shri awardee Aruna Sairam with Carnatic musician and famous film playback singer Haricharan Seshadri. In the tight 75-minute concert on November 30, they took the audience on a mesmerising journey, truly celebrating oneness among art forms and artistes. They had the audience clapping and singing along too in a Western melody with the famous chants of ‘Vittala Vittala’ and ‘Jaya Jaya Sankara’. The milestone was indeed their true camaraderie – not competing but completing the other. Thank you for supporting the cause of women and girls; to the musicians, supporting sponsors, and the team that made Aikya happen!

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