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Sonam Babani is a prominent name in the Indian luxury fashion and travel circuit. Going by the name ‘Fashioneiress’, Sonam has been wearing the influencer sash for almost 6-plus years now and has a strong following of 106K-plus on her social media handles. Sonam is also a blogger and a style consultant to celebrities. Anurima Das caught up with her during the lockdown for a quick chat

Art and aesthetics run in her family’s DNA, and Sonam has grown up embracing the varied nuances of art and high fashion all her life. Getting a degree in luxury management was the cherry on the icing for this Satguru’s (Indian yogi and author) family heiress. Haute couture takes the centrestage in Sonam’s life; and even while trotting around the world, she captures everything that is ‘aspirational’ through her stories and blogs.

The best part about her sojourns is that she does not portray the excruciatingly unaffordable, but always brings back something new, refreshing, unique and very not usually seen bits of lifestyle trends. While her blog and her Insta-stories were already focusing on newer aspects of lifestyle, with the lockdown in place she has also been posting recipes that have stolen the heart of her long list of followers. When she started luxury consultation in India or even her own blog, the concept was in its nascent stage. But her style helped her grab the right eyeballs.

Leading the life ‘aspired’ by many

‘Initially when I started blogging, I was actually working as a buyer with a luxury brand and doing my own thing. Slowly I realised that blogging is a full-time job; from planning, to shoots, to execution, it is like a journey that requires a lot of devotion. That’s when I decided to take it up as a full-time gig. It has been a wonderful journey. Initial hiccups of convincing brands and making them pay for the collaborations was a task, because India was still new to the concept of blogging, especially within the high fashion domain,’ explains Sonam.

She also mentions that sometimes it is challenging to devote so much time, even though she is her own boss. Especially, when on holidays, dressing up for every occasion and getting ready for another story shoot takes its toll. Sometimes, giving a taste of her personal life to her audience also means for her to sacrifice a little of her personal time with friends and family.

Planning the content

Juggling between what to put out for her followers through the day, to taking a little while for herself in her personal shell, Sonam shares that her follower strength is encouraging. She has people who are aspiring for luxury and want to know from her all about high fashion and luxury living. Today, more than fashion and beauty, she has become a trendsetter and they love to mimic her steps.

In the days following the COVID-19 scare and the lockdown, Sonam has been engaging in extending her insights further with her followers; and in an effort to do that, she has been amping her webinar game. From luxury healthcare experts to skincare experts, to nutritionists, and much more, she has been talking to the A-listers to help her followers with varied lifestyle problems and how to handle those.

When asked whether high fashion will take a backseat in the post-COVID world, she says, ‘I think high street will take the bigger brunt. People who cherish high fashion know that, rather than have a cupboard full of high streetwear, it is always good to hold on to the five most coveted high fashionwear. These are sustainable, timeless and spell luxury. So, in no way will high fashion not take the limelight in the months to follow.’

Keeping up with the times

Sonam says her content showcases ‘genuine love for luxury and luxurious lifestyle’ and that’s why given her positive attitude towards life, she prefers to keep her chin up at all times. ‘I let the trolls pass by. Because, definitely, as influencers, we get a lot of love that surpasses the hate in every which way.’

When talking about her future plans, she said her wedding had been fixed for April 26 this year, but owing to the Corona outbreak, the plans had been put on hold. Sometime back, she was seen travelling with her mom, but that seems like ages back given the unprecedented times we are living in at present. But she is the same bubbly, luxury nomad who knows to count her blessings rather than shed tears over the negatives in life. She is filled with gratitude and is more than happy to cherish the time she is spending with her family and virtually with her followers at this juncture. ‘I will either start my own business or get married once we resume normal life post lockdown; you will have to wait to see what matures as a plan,’ Sonam signs off.

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